Point Multi-Point Communications
Min.7 ~ Max.35 Muliti-Serial Ports
Replacing Conventional multi-Serial Ports

Model No
Hardware Interfaces
Common Spec
Promi-MSP 101
 LAN 10/100 x1, RS232C x1
 Built-in Bluetooth
 (Maximum 7 connections of Bluetooth  devices )
 Coverage: 10m~100m

 Data rate: Max. 723 Kbps

 COM port Redirector supported  VirtualCOM and Serial/IP

 Supported Networking
 HTTP /FTP /Telnet /IP    sharing/DHCP client/PPP  server/PPP tunneling/SNMP  v1/v2/v3
Promi-MSP 102
 LAN 10/100 x2, RS232C x1
 Built-in Bluetooth
 (Maximum 7 connections of Bluetooth  devices )
Promi-MSP 103
 LAN 10/100 x2, RS232C x1,
 Built-in Bluetooth 4 USB A-type ports
 (Maximum 35 connections of Bluetooth  devices )

Bluetooth Spec. v1.1
Supported Bluetooth Profiles:
    Serial Port, LAN Access, Dial up Networking
Range : 10m~100m (Over 100m with High-gain Antenna)
Data rate : 723Kbps
Additional Interfaces:
    4 USB A-type ports for Bluetooth & Wifi
    1 Serial Port for a legacy device
Sixe : 147 x 112 x 32mm (HxWxD)
COM port Redirector Supported
Networking supported
    HTTP/FTP/Telnet/IP sharing/DHCP client/PPP server/
    PPP tunneling/User Authentication (RADIUS)/SNMP v1/v2/v3