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Serial Bluetooth Adapters
Serial RS-232 Systems and I/O wireless connected:
- even without PC/Notebooks as a cable replacement

Serial RS232 PromiSD Bluetooth adapter with standard antenna (up to 100ft ) and Li-Ion Battery inside (up to 5 hours use)
Promi-SD Manual 1.3
PDF (1.3 MB, english)
Brochure: PromiSD (PDF)
Technical Specifications:
PromiSD Serial Bluetooth Adapter

(Pictures, from rear to front)
- Serial Bluetooth adapter PromiSD with standard antenna for almost any application

Serial RS232 PromiESD Bluetooth OEM Modul for integration into devices or sensors, ext. antenna, Class1 (up to 300ft +) 27x27mm

Promi-ESD Manual
PDF (300 k, english)
Technical Specifications
PromiESD Serial Bluetooth OEM module

DeveloperBoard Promi-ESD
Short Description englisch
PDF Download (452 k)

The serial RS232 Interface is a very popular Interface for embedded systems or within industrial and medical enviroments, but RS 232 cables doesn't fit in any application. A RS232 cable replacement could be the solution using Bluetooth serial adapters are a good solution to offer more safety or ease to move around without beeing bound or tangeled by cables. Our serial Bluetooth adapters are active devices with integrated CPUs that allows a connection between almost any RS232 device such as measurement devices, sensors, robotics, controls or PCs and notebooks. After a one time "pairing" procedure the RS232 connection will be established immediate after switching on the adapters the next time. The PromiSD Adapters and the PromiESD modules solves almost any wireless task within industrial, medical, automotive or military enviroments. Bluetooth offers low Radiation with ranges between 30ft to 300ft (Class 2) or up to 3600ft using Class1 adapters and special antennas with safe and reliable data transmission.
Let us know more about your special wireless project and we will be glad to help you with the right solution and hardware.

Various Enclosures
The serial Bluetooth modules are pretty small so they will find some space in almost any device. Optional enclosure designs are available made out of plastic or metal to meet special needs regarding the enviroment, system design or mounting space. We offer versions with integrated battery for a mobile use with up to several hours workshifts. The battery conrol circuit for four AAA bateries is built on board of the BT-Serial or BT-Eval. The units could be powered through Pin 9 of the RS232 Interface as an option as well. The PromiSD Adapters are available with a Li-Ion Battery built into the small enclosure offering up to 5 hours capacity.

Very small: BT-PromiSD adapters
The PromiSD are very small serial Bluetooth adapters that are about the size of a standard RS232 housing for the connector itself. The PromiSD adapters could be used with different external antennas for ranges between 100ft and 1000ft (Class 2 versions) The BT-PromiSD1 comes with an integrated Li-Ion battery. All our serial Bluetooth adapters do not need a device driver. The adapters needs to be paired just once using the included Windows Setup software or using an extended AT command set from any application or system without windows.

BT-PromiSD Class 1 up to 3.600 ft
The BT-PromiSD is available as a Bluetooth Class 1 device with high power and extended range up to 3.600 ft using special patch antennas. This Class 1 adapter is available as the PromiESD, a very small OEM module as well. The size is just about one inch so it could be used inside of your systems or sensors offering data transmission or cable replacement with ranges up to 3.600 ft.

Multi-Serial Bluetooth AccessPoint
In industrial enviroments there is a need to control several serial devices using a single connection or PC. This task could be solved using the PromiMSP AccessPoints instead of a multi-serial adapter card without cables. This universal AccessPoints can be used to control up to 35 wireless serial connections through an Ethernet connection (LAN, Internet, modem, direct) to the PC or notebook. If there is a need for more connections, the Bluetooth Accesspoints can be daisy-chained. The configuration is done once using a serial port and a terminal software with AT commands or the included Windows Setup software. With one or several PromiMSP you could wireless control complete manufacturing sites, stores or larger buildings with no cables between your devices, sensors, systems, robots aso. The RS232 signals from the devices (ex. PromiSD or PromiESD) are received from the PromiMSP AccessPoint that integrates the data into IP packages that are sent through an Ethernet LAN, WAN or just a direct connection with a crossed cable to the PC or notebook in control. On the PC or notebook a converter software such as Virtual/COM (included) or Serial/IP decodes the received IP packages and transfers the RS232 data to the assigned COM port that corresponds to the device a few feet or half the world away from the control center.

Consumer Applications:
For consumer applications with a need for wireless data transfer (serial and parallel) we got a low cost solution with the BT-Plug (PICO Plug). This serial/parallel Bluetooth adapter is based on the same technology like the BT-Eval, but could be used as a printer adapter as well. Two of those plugs could be used as a serial cable replacement with ranges up to 30 feet as well.

Project Support, R&D:
Even in smaller projects we could help with comprehensive support to integrate Bluetooth into your applications and systems. Necessary software can be embedded into the Bluetooth modules to save external processors and to make the application easy to use. We got good experience in solving special tasks with interfaces that are not 100% RS232 compatible as well. We support almost any operating system and could write your device drivers for your special needs. Just send us an email or give us a call. for a special offer.

More serial adapters and OEM modules:

BlueSerial Modules: Deutsche Seite, English Site

Specs for BT-Serial, BT-Eval, BT-PromiSD:

  • Bluetooth Serial Port Profile and General Access Profile
  • Powered through AC-adapter or the D-SUB Plug (Pin9). Optional powered through a Keyboard- or USB-connector (needs 5 to 12V DC)
  • Optional powered through internal batteries
  • Several enclosure options and R&D in projects available
  • Range up to 30ft (based on PICO Core, BT-Serial) or 100 ~ 1000 ft (BT PromiSD1/2)
  • Range up to 300ft to 3.600 ft using special antennas (BT-PromiSD3 = PromiSD-202)
  • All RS232 parameters configurable

Examples for the use of RS232 Bluetooth adapters + modules:

  • Commercial Systems, POS, Barcodescanner, printers, POS, CreditCard terminals
  • Sensors and measurement devices, building technology
  • Computer peripherals (Modem, ISDN, DSL, serial printer, Plotter, mobile phones + PDA)
  • Industrial control, robotics, access control, parking lot control, signal controls
  • Medical technology, analyses (Glukometer, Breathcontrol aso.)
  • Military technology, save, non disturbish data/voice, target control systems, Telemetrics
    (See article in the German magazines Spiegel or Focus)
  • Embedded Systems, Mainboards, lock systems, Navigation systems
  • Technical Service, system configuration (ex. phone/PBX systems, Diagnostic systems)
  • Automotive, car diagnostics, CAN-Bus control

Technical Data:

  • Bluetooth SIG Certification: 1.1 (PICO products)
  • Ranges: 30ft (PICO Core) up to 3.600 ft. (Promi-SD3, depends on Antenna)
  • Bluetooth Protocols: RFCOMM, I2CAP, SDP
  • Bluetooth Profiles: Serial Port, General Access
  • Radio/baseband: Ericcson (PICO Core) or CSR BC02 (PromiSD)
  • Antenna: Integrated 2.4 GHz or external (PromiSD) Stub/Patch antenna
  • Interface: 9-pin DSUB RS232 female
  • Size: 60 x 26 x 16 mm (Promi-SD)
  • Power: 5 to 12V DC or optional powered through RS 232 Pin 9
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1200~115200 Baud
  • Configuration: lokal through serial I/O using a terminal, PC or Notebook with Windows software utility (inkluded) or any system without Windows using an extended AT command set direct within the application.


  • DTE / DCE: The BT-Serial, BT-Eval and BT-Plug supports both, DTE and DCE devices. The PromiSD supports DTE devices only, so that there is no support for modems or similar devices using DCE.
  • Ranges: The max. Ranges can be reached outside of buildings with no objects between. Walls or other objects can limit the range to much less as with any other wireless technology. Special antennas are available to improve the range.
  • Hardware handshake: The PromiSD supports Hardware handshake starting with Version 2.0 (delivered from 07/03). Older versions may need a bridge between Pin 7 + 8 to work with hardware handshake.

More Bluetooth products and Prices:

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